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I Went to Art Camp!

  • DateSeptember 20, 2016

img_5588I recently returned from a two-week workshop at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass. Wow, was it a great experience. I have to say, everything at Anderson Ranch is of the highest quality. The instructors, the guest speakers, the studio assistants and even the food. I was treated to two weeks of total indulgence in making and observing makers of art. I worked long hours in the studio, took breaks to listen to incredible artists talk about their art and their processes (like Charles Ray and Liza Lou, to name just two), and received feedback that I could then discuss at length with other teachers at the Ranch and my studio mates. Our instructor, Stan Welsh, and guest artist, Benjamin Lira, were inspiring in their work and their advice. I soaked up their words and experimented with some new ideas and forms. I have spent so much time alone in my studio in recent years that working side by side with others totally opened up my creative process. And I made new friends with similar artistic interests all over the country. Sitting together at meal time expanded the whole experience immensely. It is so exciting to step into my studio now, refreshed and anxious to produce. You’ll see some changes in my work so stay tuned!